Rustrophobic Rust Server Est 2014

A more Relaxed Rustexperience




Welcome to our homepage..


After 1 year of pausing our service, we are happy to be online again.



You like to be Creative and build cool Stuff?


Youre looking for a more relaxed Rust Server?


You dont have the Time and Nerves to start over and over again?


Well, this might be the right Rust Server for You!

With our Experience made since 2014,


we finetuned the Rules of our Rustrophobic Server


to the Needs of a Playstyle


nearly no other Server takes Care off!


No Toxic Players tolerated

If your main goal is to offline Raid a lots of Bases,

to Kill everyone on sight,

Youre not welcome here


Whats the Deal?




Server Rules (PvE):


- No griefing!

- No cheating or using game bugs

- leave the Noobs alone, just help them get a feet down in the game!

- No cheating, hacking or using of game bugs!

- Killing other player ends in server ban

- Stealing is forbidden

- Trolling isnt allowed

- NO VAC bans the last 2 years 

- The use of turrents and Sams for deco and events is allowed when nobody gets hurt or killed outside your base

   ( it will be destroyed, when the player isnt aktive to remove )

- Only english/german in global chat! Use teamchat for privacy..
- No insults, hate speech or racism in any way!
- Please behave in a mature manner!

- Respect the admin!
- Do not be surprised if you are not allowed to continue playing, if you break the rules!




There are no restrictions on the server, how you have to play your game.. ( instead of game breaking stuff!! )


Build what You want. Be Creative!

Open a Shop, Open a Hotel, but take care, this is PVE but NPCs will still shot!!


To prevent a gameban, when someone got accidently killed, please give a note at the global chat, so we will see it in the log files. 

Dont ask for free stuff after losing yours, ask other players for help, theres no active playing admin..

Put a codelock on your chests!! Unlocked crates are not visible who emptied it.. 


Lock your vehicles. ( Tipp for secure the Transportheli - use teak buiding parts to prevent stealing it.. )

Destroying parts you arent the owner will be logged..


This helps out other players: ( ..just for gamerstude!! )


- Announcing private airdrops, opened crates

- take a short call, when you are under a regular airdrop ( FirstcomeFirstserve princible )

- Doing cargo/bradley/oilrigs all the time isnt nice to others

- Same for heli.. The first one who hit it, has his try and it helps out to give a little "heli hit" inside global chat

- while looting, empty boxes fully to let things despawn

- Upgrade your base!! dont complain, when someone "accidently" hit your walls ;)

- and again.. write in global chat when things go wrong ( PVP kills / Someones raiding / accidents )

  it helps the admin analysing the log files..


Wipe isnt planned at the Testing branch, only forced wipe by developers..


Some things might change during testing period.. ( feedback helps ;) )




Have Fun on Rustrophobic!



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