Rustrophobic Rust Server Est 2014

A more Relaxed Rustexperience

Connect via F1 Console: client.connect

You like to be Creative and build cool Stuff?


Youre looking for a more relaxed Rust Server?


You dont have the Time and Nerves to start over and over again?


Well, this might be the right Rust Server for You!

With our Experience made since 2014,


we finetuned the Rules of our Rustrophobic Server


to the Needs of a Playstyle


nearly no other Server takes Care off!


Lower Upkeepcosts 

No Toxic Players tolerated

If your main goal is to offline Raid a lots of Bases,

to Kill everyone on sight,

Youre not welcome here


Whats the Deal?




Server Rules (PvP):


- No griefing!

- Max Teamsize 5 Player!

- No mass Raiding everybase,

- leave the Noobs alone, just help them get a feet down in the game!

- Destructive playstyle is forbidden (dont empty boxes at raids, take the stuff you really need and use!!

  Just leave the rest behind for baseowners or other players with less progression..

- No cheating, hacking or using of game bugs!
- Only english in global chat! Use teamchat for privacy..
- No insults, hate speech or racism in any way!
- Please behave in a mature manner!

- Respect the admin!
- Do not be surprised if you are not allowed to continue playing, if you break the rules!


- Killing and Raiding is still allowed!

- Killing Players specially at Airdrops, Oilrig, Cargo and Monuments is allowed,


- but if youre Massraiding and/or kill everyone on sight, youll find yourself banned from our Server,

  Got it? ;)






Lower Upkeep:


Build what You want. Be Creative!

Open a Shop, Open a Hotel, but take care, this is NO PVE or Roleplay Server! You will Still getting Shot at!


Wipe will be every first thursday of the month, blueprintwipe every two months or theres a forced wipe by developers




Have Fun on Rustrophobic!


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